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Who We Are

We have been Cleaning your seed for 79 years in Willingdon and invested over 700,000 dollars in the past five years ensuring we have the best equipment to give your the purist seed.   


With three CSIA graders on staff and a combined 68 years of experience in cleaning grain. We have seen our share of challenging lots and will always do whatever we can, to condition to the highest standard.    


Whether you require seed to be conditioned to pedigree status, are cleaning your own seed for use on farm, or  require commercial separations to remove contaminants. We are here to help.

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Our Facility

Our Current Plant was built in 1988 and has seen consistent investment in new equipment. while undergoing regular audits to insure we meet the highest standards.    


We strive to condition to the highest level so your

seed get the best start  

Our History

Cleaning seed since 1954 were one of the oldest seed cleaning cooperatives in the province 


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